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3-Day Paragliding Course

If you are here for the mid-long haul and you are serious about the sport, taking lessons to fly on your own is the way to go.

Taking a Paragliding course in Hanoi as an expat is possible, safe, and cheap. Similar courses in other countries cost thousands of dollars (US). It is considerably cheaper here in Hanoi and you still get world-class facilities, world-class instructors, and internationally recognized license.

Paragliding P1 Courses teach you to independently take short flights straight from top to the landing zone. These courses often have 8 sessions, starting from theory, to ground practice, to short-hill drills, and to real flights. There are instructors directing or monitoring at all times.

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What to expect...?


*Once every month, we organize a Certification-giving Ceremony at the school for participants of all courses in that month (it take 5-7 days for FAI to examine files and process certification issue).


Not necessary. We will provide you all necessary equipment for ground training and flying tasks during the training period. Howver, if you want to pursuit this sport, we encourage you to buy your own equipment. 

After initial ground training, the very first flight you take is a solo flight. So technically you are flying on your own from the very first flight, but under direct supervision of a professional. It is recommend that you should take at least 10 flights right at our school the sake of your safety. We provide FREE supervision as long as you complete P1 course and have you own equipment.

Following the completion of this course, you will get P1 certification by FAI free of charge. You can also defer and go straight to P2. 

If you wish to pursue this sport, it is recommended that you purchase your own equipment. To get a higher-level certification, you need to pass various examinations. Though we do offer higher courses, it is NOT a must to take formal lessons. We will provide free mentorship throughout your whole flying career.

Technically, to legally paraglide in Vietnam, you must be a member of an licenced association. Following P1 course, you can join any association of your choice. Most of MayParagliding’s students join Hanoi Paragliding, which has low membership fees (less than 1 million VND/year) and allow you to access most flight sites in Vietnam.

Students will compleate at least 3 high flights during the paragliding training. When the weather is good it’s common to get up to 5-10 flights.

If the reason is objective (eg: bad weather), we will add a corresponding number of training sessions to help you complete the course according to the curriculum. If the reason is subjective (eg: you voluntarily dropped out of the course), we will support you in joining the next course at a minimal cost (if there is space available).

The duration length difference comes with differences in number of flights, final certificates, and additional activities.

Regarding flight types, in 1-day course, we have several slope flights. In 3-day course, beside several slope flights, students can experience 3-5 SOLO mountain flights. Both course covers full theories and techniques.

3-day course’s participants will receive both course completion certifications from May and international P1 certificate issued by FAI. While 1-day course will not receive this professional certificate.

Moreover, in 3-day course, participants can even have time for trekking, firewoods, resting, etc.

If you have time, we highly recommend the P1 course (3 days) for the most fulfilling experience.